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Here we list the most important cultural buildings of New York.

Lincoln Center
The cultural center was built to gather the different areas of arts into one common place. The New York State Theatre and the Metropolitan Opera House are parts of the Lincoln Center. It’s worth to take a guided tour in the huge complex, so that we get to know all the areas of it. The American Folk Art Museum is situated in a modern building, but the Eva and Morris Fled Galleries are also found here, which features hand-made articles, wood carvings and paintings. The Hotel des Artistes was meant to be the studio of artists, it is famous for its beautiful frescos and tasty cuisine.

Lincoln Center, New York City
Photo: Flickr.com by majorbonnet

New York Public Library
The construction was done with an extremely high budget, and the public library was more than successful just after it was opened. It implemented the most important task of all, which is that the guests could obtain a book easily and fast in the library. It is a Spectacular white marble building, and its boarded ceiling consumes a huge internal space. The side walls are decorated by frescos. The 7 million books were placed of 140 kilometers of shelves, but thanks to the computerized control and automation, it takes very little time to obtain a book. The journal room has newspapers from more than 130 countries in the world. This library is the center of a network, containing 82 libraries. One may also find famous collections, manuscripts and scripts from the old times here.

Morgan Library
Thanks to the Morgan family, a really valuable private collection could be introduced to the public. There are manuscripts, especially banded books and prints in this magnificent collection, which is situated in a special environment. The building is a 3 storey building divided into two parts: the old library and the new Morgan section of the house, which are connected with the Garden Court, which is enlightened by the sun, through the windows. Besides the paintings and hand scripts, one may find a copy of the Guttenberg Bible, printed on pregame, and a sheet music of Mozart’s too.

University of Columbia
It is one of the best universities of the USA, which was built around a quadrangular internal garden. The Low Library plays usually the main role, which is often the scenery of festivals. The majority of the books are stored in the Butler Library. The St. Paul’s Chapel has excellent acoustics, thanks to the meticulous cutting and shaping of the wood. They teach law, medical science and journalism in the University. Several scientists graduated here, who won the Nobel-prize later on. The visitors get to see the interior. They will have the chance to peak into the life of the students and their activities. The Cathedral of St. John the Divine is also situated here, which is still under construction; however they organize musical and fine art programs and events here.

Whitney Museum of American Art
It offers a colorful collection of fine arts from the 20th and 21st centuries. It was founded by Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney, who decided to put those pieces on display, which the Metropolitan Museum of Art wouldn’t accept. Thus it offers an unforgettable experience for the audience. There is a permanent exhibition of the works of: Calder, O’Keefe, Hopper, Jasper Jones and Lichtenstein, there’s also a temporary exhibition too.

Henry Clay Frick’s collection of fine arts
The American government inherited the works of the famous artist, Frick, thus an invaluable artistic collection is on display in this luxurious palace. The furniture conjures a special milieu to the creations. The French furniture, the porcelains and the paintings show that their owner was rich and had a good taste. The lighting gives a special gloss to the paintings in the Western gallery, where one may find the oil paintings of Hals, Rembrandt and Vermeer. Every room has its own atmosphere. The oval room shows the works of Whistler, while the library and the dining room is full of painting of English artists.

Museum of Modern Art – MoMA
This museum is temporarily in a factory building. It features such famous masterpieces like the Avignon Ladies from Picasso, or the Starry Night from Van Gogh.

Metropolitan Museum of Art
This is one of the gems of New York City. The museum was founded in 1870. It stores one of the most significant collections in the world, thanks to the donations of famous artists and the charity of rich people. When it first opened its gates, the objective was to compete with the European museums; however it only had 174 paintings and thee large private collections on display. The building was extended several times, to be able to put the more than two million works of art on display properly. The collection of the museum is divided into sections. The Byzantine Galleries, the Costume Institute and the Robert Lehman collection features French, Spanish and Dutch works, furniture and porcelains. The real specialty is the Costume Institute, which introduces the world of fashion to us from the 17th century till today. The Wallace wing features contemporary collections from Picasso and Pollock, and there are separate wings for the magnificent arts of sculpture, decoration and painting of Europe and America. The Egyptian and Rockefeller wing also has a special collection, mainly from Africa, islands of the Pacific-Ocean and North and South-America. These are primitive objects made of ivory, bronze statues, ceramics and stone objects.

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum
The Guggenheim museum has one of the largest and most beautiful collections of modern and contemporary works of fine arts in its possession. The façade of its building is like a clam, and its interior is special because of a spiral ramp. One may observe the paintings – the abstract pictures of Guggenheim as well- by walking along this ramp. There are also works from Picasso, Brancusi, Calder, Oldenberg and Rauschenberg as well, and you also get to see Justin Thannhauser’s collection of photos. They’re planning to expand the building to provide enough space for collections from the era following World War II, and to establish a theatre as well.

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York City
Photo: Bigfoto

The Cloisters
The huge collections of artists of the Middle Ages are on display in this majestic museum. The Gothic codices, painted glasses, object made of ivory and pictures of unicorns were compiled according to chronology. The museum has an exhibition about essays and poetry of the Middle Ages. The Middle Aged concerts that are organized here are also quite popular.

American Museum of Natural History
It is the world’s largest museum of natural science. It is extremely popular; millions of tourists come to visit it each year. The most popular exhibition is the one that is about dinosaurs, and the one that is meant to introduce the life of the oceans. One may find a collection of meteors, minerals and precious stones on the first storey. The second storey is about the people and animals of Africa, Asia and Central and South America. One may find the exhibitions of the North-American Indians, birds and reptiles of the third storey, while the fourth is about the dinosaurs, fossil fish and early mammals. The Hayden Planetarium is situated in the center of the Rose Center, which is an exhibition about the specialties of the Earth and the space. One may find the Space Theatre, the Cosmic Path and the Big Bang Theaters here.

Studio Museum in Harlem
It is the home of the Afro-American works of art. The five-storey building on the main street of Harlem could become a museum through charity and donations. The permanent exhibitions of the best black artists are to be found on three of its floors. The two remaining storey feature temporary exhibitions, and a little statue park is found in the ground floor. The special photo archive shows pictures of the heydays of the Harlem, highlighting the most important events of the past. The residential courses promote the training of young artists. They feature series of presentations, film festivals and programs for children as well.

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